Pupil Responsibilities

We believe that children enjoy taking on responsibilities for helping around the school. As children get older they are encouraged to take on a role involving greater responsibility.

In year 6, children can apply to be: register monitors, assembly monitors,  and house point monitors. They can also apply to be Sport's Leaders and help manage and organise lunchtime inter-house competitions.  The older children really enjoy taking up these responsibilities, showing maturity and pride in assisting the adults around our school.

Each year pupils in Year 6 put themselves forward to be a house captain. They are given time to prepare a speech. Children across the school then vote on who they would like to be their House Captain. House Captains represent each house on Sport's Day, collect and collate house points and represent their house during school assemblies.

Staff across the school nominate pupils on an annual basis who they believe show that they can represent the school in a positive way by demonstrating the school values consistently. These pupils are then selected by the Year 6 Team and the Head Teacher to become the Head Girl and Head Boy. They represent the school during assembly times and at local events such as the Rememberance Day Service and the Lee on the Solent Christmas Celebrations.