Illness & Appointments

Please could parents ring the school before 09:30 to report any absence from school and, wherever possible, make all medical appointments after 15:30. We will contact parents at home or at work if we do not hear from you by 09:30. Additionally, please be aware that the absence or illness of a pupil (or parent) should not affect the education of a sibling.  If a pupil has an appointment, particularly at the beginning & end of the school day, arrangements should be made to ensure the sibling is either dropped off or collected from school on time.


Late Arrival

Registers are legal documents which all schools must complete on a twice daily basis and a child’s attendance record will follow them throughout their entire schooling.


Children arriving after registration closes at 9am, will be recorded as late.  ‘Lates’ are monitored by the Head Teacher as persistent lateness to school is considered a serious issue.  All late children must be signed in at the school office.  This is important so that we are aware of who is on site at all times.


Term Time Leave of Absence

Regular school attendance is very important for your child to be able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered at this school.  The Department for Education’s expectation is that schools only give permission for leave of absence during term time where there are exceptional circumstances that warrant it. Please complete a request form, available from the school reception, if you wish to request that your child is allowed to be absent during term time