Our vision statement which was written after consultation with children, parents, staff and Governors:

Independent, resilient learners who are creative and critical thinkers, that collaborate well and willingly make a positive contribution


School Values

Our values tell us what is important and help to make decisions in our everyday lives.

At Lee on the Solent Junior School we use the following values to help shape policy and practice:


S Self Awareness

A learner with good self awareness has a clear understanding of their identity and takes responsibility as an independent and motivated learner. They are resilient and determined and have confidence in their acceptance of themselves and others.


A – Active Participants

We want all of our learners to take an active part in all of the experiences they are offered. We will provide a motivating and engaging curriculum that enables them to be brave when faced with new challenges. We believe they will be most successful when they are able to work collaboratively and willingly seek answers to questions.


I – Inquisitive

We want children to be inquisitive about the world around them. If they are curious and full of wonder about their environment they will wish to seek answers to questions that they have. In doing so, they will want to engage and explore their ideas, make discoveries to reinforce or alter existing perceptions to reach final successful solutions.


L – Learning

Learning should be enjoyable and build resilience and independence in all, setting high expectations and encouraging creative problem solving and solution finding. Learning happens when learners work hard and can feel proud of their achievements.


S – Supportive

We believe everyone learns best in a supportive environment in which all members of the school community exercise mutual respect and can empathise with one another. Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure environment where everyone is valued. We want our children to have the confidence to encourage each other to achieve their very best and to be honest, listen to understand and be encouraging of each other when faced with challenges. We want our children to play fair with each other at all times.


Our School Values are closely aligned to the Bay House Cluster Foundations of Learning:

Self Awareness                   Collaboration and Relationships          Independence and Resilience         Thinking Skills



Our School Aims:

  • to secure high academic standards for all pupils;
  • to ensure inclusive principles strongly resonate throughout the school;
  • to develop the whole child by providing a rounded education that with high quality learning experiences in the arts, sport and outdoor learning;
  • to secure the active, willing and enthusiastic engagement of children in their learning;
  • to develop an enterprising approach in all children that leads to a rewarding and successful life;
  • to provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, which meets the educational, emotional and social needs of our pupils;
  • to enable our pupils to develop self-confidence, pride in their achievements at school and to take responsibility for their learning;
  • to encourage our pupils to develop respect for themselves and others in school and for those in the wider society;
  • to encourage our pupils to develop in all aspects of learning including sport, the arts and new technology;
  • to encourage our pupils to develop an appreciation of the natural environment and an understanding of the world around them;
  • to provide a safe, secure and supportive environment in which all children can thrive.