Our Curriculum  

At the heart of our curriculum is the desire to develop the whole child: knowledge, skills, understanding and attitude, to prepare them for secondary school and beyond. We aim to do this through a broad and balanced curriculum which is filled with rich experiences and challenge for all.


We deliver the National Curriculum ensuring that children have opportunities to apply learning in English and maths through cross-curricular projects. Each project lasts for approximately half a term and there is an agreed outcome to provide a clear purpose for learning. Outcomes may be shared with parents and carers directly or through an opportunity to visit classrooms after school. There are a variety of project outcomes that enable children to have a clear purpose to their learning. By participating in an outcome children have the opportunity to deepen and extend their understanding of their learning. Some examples of project outcomes might be a living museum, a performance, a shared storytelling or the creation of an exhibition. We believe that it is important that all children participate fully in project outcomes and have the opportunity to grow more confident over time.


Where a child demonstrates that they have mastered their learning we will provide opportunities for them to deepen their level of understanding rather than accelerate them onto the following year's work.


Opportunities to show a greater depth of understanding may take many forms, for example, preparing a video to teach someone how to carry out a mathematical process, writing a paragraph from an alternative point of view or using an ipad to create a short film to explain events from different points of view. Where children are judged to be working at a greater depth of understanding teachers and support staff will ensure through the use of ongoing assessment that work provided is challenging and stimulating.


As a school, we regularly evaluate our curriculum outcomes and make changes as necessary in order to ensure that we provide the best opportunities for children to experience high quality learning opportunities.

Paper Copies of curriculum information are available from the school office. Please ask for Mrs Collins who will be happy to help.

Further information about our wider curriculum is available via the School Office. Online content will be available shortly.