We believe that it is important for children to feel safe throughout the time that they spend in our care. We strive to ensure that we provide positive role models at all times and demonstrate positive behaviour in front of children and all members of our community. We aim to ensure that behaviour is managed consistently and fairly across the school.


All classes are linked to Class Dojo and children earn Dojo points for positive learning behaviours. When a class reaches a pre-agreed target they have a small celebration which might involve watching a short film. playing a game or having a class picnic. Points are then reset and a higher target is created for the class to work towards.


In addition to Dojo points children earn house points for positive behaviour outside of the classroom. House points can be given by any member of staff and children record these independently. Each week the running totals are announced. At the start of each term the winning house can wear their house colours for the first day back. At the end of the school year members of the house which has won overall receive a small reward.


During lunchtimes children can earn a green card for positive behaviour. This is taken home to share with parents and carers and highlights the reason why it was awarded. Children who demonstrate outstanding behaviour at lunchtime are invited to be part of the Gold Card Table every fortnight. The Head Teacher and other senior staff serve the children their lunch and provide table service.


Occasionally, individual children may need additional support to help manage their behaviour and this may result in an individual behaviour plan being created in partnership with parents/ carers and the child. Where this is deemed necessary parents/carers will be involved in the process as early as possible.


Our aim is to enable children to manage their behaviour successfully without the need for adult support. We frame any adult interventions around a restorative approach.


If you have any concerns about behaviour, inside or outside of school, please contact your child's class teacher who will be able to advise on next steps.


Further support is also available from our SENCo Helen West