Year 5 Care Home Visits

On the 18th of December 2018, Year 5 embarked on a journey… round the corner to an old people’s care home. Many stories were told, past relived and mince pies eaten. Each one of these sparkling pensioners had two or three pen pals that they could tell about their lives. Lots of cards were exchanged (and, in one case, Christmas presents) and all were merry in this wonderful season.

Prior to this visit, the pen pals had been writing to one another over the great distance of a few kilometres. The 9-10 year olds had written to explain about themselves and ask their elderly pen pal questions. After this letter was sent, the elderly members of the care home sent back a letter answering the questions and telling the children about their lives. The wonderful ladies and gentlemen of the care homes loved the Year 5 children’s letters and vice versa. All was well.

There was an almost electric atmosphere as the children went on a quest they’d never forget. Coats were donned, scarves put on and hats placed atop heads. Teachers guided these high-quality humans in groups to three outstanding care homes. Robinson Court, Changri-La and Canford Manor. Year 5 were divided. While Lucy C and Olivia N went with the 93 year old Florence, Finley and Connor went with the 89 year old Ruth.

There was much talking on the way back from the lonely wastes of the three crowded OAP care homes. Many stories were retold, other’s past relived and even more mince pies eaten. Though these tales were perhaps decades old, they were told with just the right flair and heartfelt sorrow for the adventures had and loved ones lost. Even if these wanderings were perhaps aeons old with ancient habits threaded through, nothing excited the children more. Even if it is forgotten by some, it lives on in a special few.

By Lucy Mayflower Class Year 5