The school is not able to make adequate provision for children who are ill.

However, children who are medically fit to return to school may be given medicine and tablets prescribed by the child’s doctor, autonomous nurse practitioner or chemist.

It is imperative that all medication is taken to the Office by an adult. Children must never keep medicines/tablets in their bags to administer themselves.

Parents will be asked to complete a Medicine Administered form in order for staff to administer medication on their behalf – this must be done at the outset and the form can be downloaded below or obtained from the school office. 

Although we are happy to give prescribed medicines to children, the school cannot be held responsible if any dose is missed. It is up to the child to remember to call at the office at the necessary time.

All medication is stored in the medical room (or fridge) and can be collected from the office at the end of the school day.

Inhalers and Epi-pens (we require two) must be clearly named and are kept in a secure container in the classroom and in the medical room.Children will be encouraged to use their inhalers independently although adults will always suggest usage if it seems that a child needs to use their inhaler.

The school must be informed of any medical needs your child may have, any drugs being administered and any known allergies.

Any child with a medical condition that may require any form of medical intervention will have a care plan individually designed and agreed between the school and the parents.This will outline the child’s home and medical contact details, medication details, likely symptoms if the child suffers from an attack from their condition and the recommended treatment in this event.


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